Scott Hamlin is the Director of Research and Instruction at Wheaton College (Norton, MA). He has been working at Wheaton since August 2003, first as a member of Academic Computing and then as a Faculty Technology Liaison for the Humanities in the Research and Instruction (R&I) group of Library and Information Sevices (LIS). In September 2007, he became a co-Director of R&I in LIS and in 2011, he became sole director of the R&I group. He now leads a merged group of research librarians and academic technologists. As a group, R&I works with faculty, staff, and students to create and sustain effective learning experiences, support the goals of the college curriculum, and increase information fluency through research assistance and the use of technology. His specific interests as a Faculty Technology Liaison were: electronic textual editing, digital asset management, podcasting, blogs, wikis, Blackboard, academic web site development, and all things digital in the humanities. Since undertaking his role as Director, his interests have broadened, but he retains his interest in the Digital Humanities through his work on the TAPAS project.


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