A Post at Last

I told my wife and son the other day that maybe I should rename this blog: “Insert Clever Post Here”!! I really should write here more often… even if I don’t have anything clever to say. I just have not had time! Here’s an attempt…

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened in my professional life, all of which has kept me plenty busy. So maybe I could say I have an excuse…. maybe. What’s been going on? Well…

  • A number of people left my department for one reason or another last year (retirements, moving on to other positions, etc.); one of them was my co-leader of the Research and Instruction Department
  • I became the sole leader of  R & I, a now more merged group of librarians and academic technologists (I am no longer Director of Technology for Research and Instruction, just Director of Research and Instruction)
  • I led a search for and filled four open positions – three library liaisons and a web applications manager/systems librarian. The last two positions were filled in January. (I should note that I had fabulous and dedicated search committees who helped me tremendously through it all.)
  • Last fall, I and several other members of the Library and Information Services staff (including academic technologists and several librarians) stepped up and team-taught First Year Seminar library sessions, many of us for the first time. (I think we did quite well!)
  • I helped write and received IMLS and NEH grants with my collaborators at Brown University, the University of Virginia, and several other institutions for the TAPAS project, a digital humanities tool for publishing and archiving text encoded documents
  • I’ve been meeting for the past few months with a faculty working group to try to define how Library and Information Services fits into the curriculum and to discuss Information Fluency

And there’s been a lot more!

It has been an interesting year to say the least: constantly changing, often challenging. But I have to say I am really excited about my department and the directions my projects and our services are headed these days. The collaborative project I am involved with outside of Wheaton, the TAPAS project, is moving out of the planning stages and is starting to be developed. And at Wheaton, four new, energetic, and intelligent people have joined an already collegial, smart, creative group. We’re ready as a department to do great things.

So now, I need to get back to writing about them!


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