Unbloggable Things?

Of course, as soon as I plan to start my professional blogging up again (my thought was I could write something once a week), something happened at work that is rather difficult (nearly impossible?) to write about.  Originally, I wrote something longer asking questions about why this topic is so “unbloggable,” but I’ve decided instead that it really is… and just to link to this public article from the Providence Business News: Wheaton lays off 17; economy blamed


3 thoughts on “Unbloggable Things?

  1. I’m sorry, Scott, layoffs are horrible, and especially so when the folks and positions lost are not always the ones we would choose.

  2. “Downsizing has been referred to as “corporate anorexia” — you get leaner but you don’t get healthier.”
    quote from NPR episode:
    What Layoff Survivors Can Expect at Work
    NPR Feb. 3, 2009

  3. Scott – I’m sorry to hear about the layoffs and eliminated positions. While I hope that your group in particular was spared, the impact on everyone’s work, as well as campus culture overall, is hard.

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